Bidding a Mountain Man Goodbye

Coker Owen Ford is not a person to mince words. Rufe had known his mountain man partner for so long and they covered each other’s backs through so many perilous adventures that he instinctively knew the gravity of the situation just by looking at his partner’s face. Even if he had told Rufe that he … Continue reading Bidding a Mountain Man Goodbye

A Mountain Man’s Nightmare

It was a bad dream. Coker Owen Ford knew that. Bonnie, his daughter, was bitten by a snake with a human head and carried deep into the middle of a dark pond. It was every father’s worst nightmare. Being helpless to do anything at a time when your child needs you the most. He woke … Continue reading A Mountain Man’s Nightmare

A Mountain Man’s Retreat

Deep in his mountainous redoubt called Aspen Hill in the wilds of Colorado, Coker Owen Ford is already resigned to living the rest of his life in the peace and quiet of the place he calls home. A sturdy cabin overlooking a picturesque canyon with the river seen from a distance, the citrusy smell of … Continue reading A Mountain Man’s Retreat

Memories of a Weather-bitten Mountain Man

The first impression that Coker Owen Ford had of Trissy Renn was a pair of big, blue eyes that stared at him without flinching. That intense gaze of Trissy is to stay etched in his memory for the rest of his life. When Trissy followed him to his mule, asked for his name, and told … Continue reading Memories of a Weather-bitten Mountain Man